What Cigar do I buy for a celebration

/ Birthday/Wedding/ Birth

Remember, personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the right cigar. But, we can give you some guidance to choose, or at least what questions to ask your local Tobacconist. We have broken it down into steps to decide what you should get. But have also picked some of our favorites as recommendations for the steps below.

Step 1. Does the event call for a cigar? We here at Gentlemen Smoke always think yes but its important to consider the feelings and conditions of those around you. Be courteous of the the people at the event if its public and don’t push a cigar on someone who may be new to cigar smoking.

Step 2. Traditional or Flavored cigar? Most new cigar smokers are not aware that these differences exist. Flavored or infused cigars are quite popular among new/younger smokers. Similar to how some prefer wine coolers to hard liquor. Traditional cigars have more mutated flavors and aromas. If you don’t already know what the person your buying for already likes we suggest basing it off of their liquor chooses as it is typically a good indicator. Does the person you’re buying for like a drink that’s fruity and goes down smooth, or do they like to taste and contemplate the flavors of a good whisky? If the first choose a flavored or sweet tip cigar, if the later a traditional should do nicely.

Step 3. Brand and budget. Buying and smoking an expensive cigar is similar to opening a very nice bottle of wine. The experience is exhilarating as you take your time with your glass as it may be the last time you ever get to try it. Consider the event where you’re going to be smoking. Will you be sitting around relaxing or is this a short break between scheduled events? Also consider the person you’re buying for, are they familiar with cigars or are they new to it too? If their familiar with it and the budget allows a nicer or more expensive brand will be appreciated. If they’re new they will trust that you picked them something good. So don’t sweat it to much.

Step 4. Size matters. We’ve all seen a movie or documentary that has some old guy with a gigantic cigar in his mouth with a cloud of smoke around him. While it is fun to buy a cigar like that, and we will have a recommendation down below if that’s what your going for, its a lot of effort to smoke and looses its appeal rather quickly. Something around A Robusto or a Corona is a good size. The cigar is big enough for a good long smoke but small enough to throw away if you don’t like it and not feel bad about the waste.


Here at Gentlemen Smoke we always recommended you go to your local shops to find the perfect cigar for any event and ask them for additional help. But this short list will give you options if you prefer to order online and links to visit.


If your looking for something ridiculous look no further then then Asylums Limited Edition April Fool’s Day 9″ * 90 cigar. this thing is hilarious and is sure to get a laugh out of everyone. Click here to buy online or find a cigar shop near you https://www.neptunecigar.com/cigars/asylum-nine-limited-edition-april-fools-day

ACID CIGARS by Drew Estate

If your looking for a flavored cigar one of the most popular brands is Acid. They have fun flavors like fruit punch, vanilla and coffee. https://www.jrcigars.com/cigars/handmade-cigars/acid-cigars/

Traditional Cigars

Romeo y Julieta is one of the most recognized brands in the cigar industry. Its hard to go wrong with any of these cigars and for a desiccant price per cigar. https://www.jrcigars.com/cigars/handmade-cigars/romeo-y-julieta-cigars/


If you have a little more change burning a whole in your pocket you can get one of the wide selections Cohiba has to offer. Truly a premium cigar at a premium price. https://www.jrcigars.com/cigars/handmade-cigars/cohiba-cigars/

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